Antique Lighting: 1930’s Colonial Home and Decorative Detail

Just finished the installation of about 12 Antique light fixtures that were bought during our 35% off and free shipping sale. We sometimes have this Sale in the month of February to promote more business.

The Home was a 1930’s Colonial with challenging 8 foot and under ceilings. The Owners had purchased the house about 4 years ago and a lot of the original fixtures were repeating Renovator’s Supply lights in the Bath rooms, Halls and Main rooms. more

Antique Lighting: A Texture Added to a Palette to Create Different Environments

Citizen Public and Oyster Bar is a Restaurant Establishment on Boylston  St. in the Fenway area of Boston. It is a great location owned by Dave Dubois and his Partners. We have had a long standing relationship with Dave, for over 20 years, selling him lighting for his many Business Ventures as well as selling fixtures for him that came out of his many ventures. For Dave, Antique Lighting has always been a sort of a “texture” he can add to a “Palette” he uses to create different environments in his Restaurants. more

Antique Lighting: The Use of Color and Detail in Already Existing Period Environments

We recently completed the installation of about 16 fixtures into a C. 1901 Dutch Colonial home. The owners had been on our email list for about 10 years and had started receiving our Newsletters around the time they had purchased and done the initial renovation/restoration of the home. It was obvious that this was still an ongoing situation and they had come to realize an approach to completing the lighting. more

Antique Lighting Fixtures : Leaded Glass Inverted Domes

There were many Antique Leaded Glass manufacturers. There were a small number of companies like Tiffany and Handel where the form became important early on when catalogs could still be found and the expense taken to reprint and sell them. Or even someones interest like Dennis Peter Myers who wrote a National Park Survey called “Gas Lighting in America” in the 1970s. There are other books and reprints but compared to the Sea of Antique lighting fixtures to be found there is really very little information about the manufacturers of most fixtures. more

Antique Lighting: ” Art for Arts Sake “

The Expression “Art for Arts Sake” is basically the sentiment that art in its many forms should be separated from moral or didactic intention but should be able to stand alone in and of itself. This idea created quite a discussion in the 19th Century and was associated with names like William Morris and John Ruskin as they were associated with the Aesthetic Movement. more

What Antique Chandelier works in Rectangular Dining Room?

With this Antique Cast Brass 6 and 6 Gas & Electric Chandelier, 1806GE,

all the detail is happening in a 24 inch diameter which is not as good as the

 2-Tier   12-Light Antique Gas Chandelier, 2260G.

 I think the 2260G Chandelier works in this type of Dining room because of its 38 inch diameter. It is a very long Rectangular room (400 square feet ) and the table is very long and rectangular. I think the extra diameter is needed. Plus, I really like the view on the room with the Antique Chandelier framed in the rooms entry as viewed from an adjacent large Living room. I don’t think the fixtures’ diameter is incredibly large. It is the two tiers that makes the fixture appear large. But I do think the 38 inches is needed. more

How to Hang a Antique Light Fixture

1) The Antique Chandelier should not  exceed the width of the table with the diameter of the fixture

2) Don’t hang the antique light fixture below 5 feet from the floor or 30 inches above the table. This rule applies if you are never moving the table and as long as the fixture is hanging over the center of the table. more

Antique Lighting_788l-3G-th

Colonial & Classical Revival Antique Lighting from the Early 20th Century

Colonial & Classical Revival

Antique Lighting  from the Early 20th Century

Before I came to Boston to specialize in Antique Lighting I had Antique shop in Newburyport, MA.  Here I sold General Line Antique furniture and accessories.

Newburyport is very unusual due to its’ Wall to Wall Federalist Architecture which for the most part was not heavily renovated until the 1970’s. This was very advantageous, because in the 70’s there came to be a spirit of restoration that valued the original details. The possibility of losing these details was very real. Had the area become more interesting in previous decades when Urban Renewal was a catch phrase this history might have gone by the wayside. As it was, I think because the major Highway North sort of bypassed it, it was laid fallow. more

Antique Lighting: Period Technological Revolutions

Antique Lighting 

Period Technological Revolutions you can find in your Home

I just wanted to say that I really can’t take credit for a lot of the ideas in this Blog. They are the result of conversations and experiences I have had with customers during periods of time where we are trying to resolve design problems together. For example the first time I heard the description of Hybrid Architectural styles as “Cross Pollination” was from Frank Shirley at Frank Shirley Architects in Central Square Cambridge. I thought it was an apt description of Early 20th Century building activity in this area. more

Integration of Antique Lighting into an Already Collected Designed Environment

Integration of Antique Lighting

into an Already Collected Designed Environment

How is it done.

There were many design movements happening at the same time in the early 20th century. It is no wonder that a lot of the Architecture built during this time was a combination of building styles. When referring to these periods I am talking about the persistence of Architecture and furnishing for these architectural styles, not necessary the Chronology of the period. more